The Microgreen Kitchen

Locally grown Microgreens and Edible Flowers in Channahon, IL!
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Microgreen Free Delivery?!

Located in Channahon, IL we are a local indoor vertical farm specializing in microgreens and edible flowers. Supplying local restaurants and customers who are interested in fresh local foods from their community. We have a weekly free delivery option on orders $18.00 or greater within 10 miles of Channahon!

Edible Flowers

Introducing edible flowers! Our latest endevour was introducing edible flowers to supply local restaurants and chefs to take their dishes to the next level. The colors on these flowers are simply incredible and we can stare at them all day! Contact us at 828-215-8279 or email for an availability price list. 

Local Seasonal Markets

You can find us during the Spring through Fall at local farmer's markets in the community. We harvest our microgreens live right in front of each customer. Does not get any more fresh than that! 2024 season locations to be announced soon!


Contact us at The Microgreen Kitchen by calling or texting (828)-215-8279 or by email

Channahon, IL 60410